Thursday, September 4, 2008

How to Prevent an Unnecessary Cesarean

1) Be aware that your choices in pregnancy and labor can have a BIG impact on your chance of having a cesarean.

2) Choose a care provider with a low cesarean rate and similar birth preferences to yours.

3) Hire a doula. Studies show that this can lower your chance of a cesarean by 50%!

4) Choose positions in pregnancy and labor that help your baby to get in the best position for an easier birth.

5) Read lots of birth stories from women with atypical labors to see how wide the range of normal is in labor.

6) Trust your body to birth your baby; it's what you are designed for!

7) Switch to a new care provider if you feel you are being led toward unnecessary interventions or a scheduled cesarean.

8) Avoid common hospital procedures that increase your chances of a cesarean, like induction, epidurals, pitocin, or breaking the bag of waters.

9) Be informed. When faced with any (routine and emergency) procedure, ask: why it is being done in your case?; what are the short and long term effects on you and your baby?; and what are your other options?

10) Last but not least, contact your friendly ICAN of Jackson chapter for more information and support! Tel: (866) 377-7695

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Nancy said...

Bravo, great list!!! Keep up the great work.