Friday, September 9, 2016

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Monday, April 6, 2015

April is Cesarean Awareness Month! Donate or join at a discounted rate this month.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hire a Doula! (or two)

Research shows that having a doula by your side decreases your risk of having a cesarean and increases the likelihood of having appositive birth experience.

I was so glad to have had three doulas support my labor with my second child. They knew just what I needed and I never had to say a thing! The doulas I had on my team made sure to involve my husband in many ways and they helped to manage my older child if needed. They got me snacks and made sure I stayed hydrated, applied counter pressure, gave me massages, were always full of encouraging words, suggested different positions to facilitate my baby coming down, and so much more! Doulas are really an invaluable source of comfort and strength when you are at your most vulnerable place. Decisions that you have to make in labor are yours to make, but your doula knows your desires and will help to remind you of them if times get hairy.

ICAN recommends hiring a doula because every woman needs to be surrounded by true support in labor. If you feel this is an expense you cannot afford, please contact a doula anyway. Many doulas will work with you on payment, some even will barter services or they can point you to a doula in training who can support you for less. Having the support, knowledge and experience of a doula is really priceless! Click here to see a listing of doulas in Mississippi

Friday, September 19, 2014

10 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Chance of Having an Unnecessary Cesarean

1. Be aware that your choices in pregnancy and labor can have a BIG impact on your chance of having a cesarean. c-section-birth

2. Choose a care provider with a low cesarean rate and similar birth preferences to your's. 

3. Hire a doula. Studies show that this can lower your chance of a cesarean by up to 50%!

4. Choose positions in in pregnancy and labor that help your baby to get in the best position for an easier birth.

5. Read a lot of birth stories from woman with atypical labors to see how wide the range of normal is in labor.

6. Trust your body to birth your baby; it's what you are designed for!

7. Switch to a new care provider if you feel you are being led toward unnecessary intervention or a scheduled cesarean.

8. Avoid common hospital procedures that increase your chances of a cesarean, like induction, epidurals, pitocin, or breaking the bag of waters.

9. Be informed. When faced with any (routine or emergency) procedure, ask:
    Why it is being done in my case?
    What are the short and long term effects on me and my baby?
    What are my other options?

10. Last but not least, contact your friendly ICAN of Jackson chapter for more information and       support! We hold free monthly support/educational meetings. Contact us for more     

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A glance at worldwide cesarean rates.

I do hope we are successful at lowering our country's cesarean rate
as planned. It all really starts with
the individual woman preparing and being knowledgeable,
paving the way for a better birth environment for future generations!

Here is what ACOG has to say about reducing cesarean deliveries:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014