Thursday, June 6, 2013

Madison's VBAC - Thanks for sharing your story!

Loralai's speedy arrival VBAC

June 4th I went into my 40 week checkup (according to my LMP... 39 & 4 according to my dating ultrasound). My doctor stripped my membranes for the second time at about 11 am. I wasn't very hopeful since it hadn't worked the previous week. I was 4 cm dilated at 70-80% effaced. I was 2-3cm dilated the previous week. The rest of the day Caleb, Cormac and I enjoyed play dates with friends! I felt good and completely normal. As the afternoon continued, I noticed (or thought I was trying to notice) very light crampy feeling in my uterus. I also had lots of what thought were Braxton hicks contractions, but that was a normal occurrence for me. The later the day went, the closer the contractions got but they were painless so my hopes weren't up!

I felt a pop at 7:45 but nothing came out so I wasn't sure it was my water. I did think it was a possibility though and I later found out it actually was my water breaking.  A little while later I had semi painful contraction. I walked outside to watch Caleb and Cormac  play outside and mentioned casually (almost jokingly) that I may be having real contractions because I almost felt like I needed to stop walking when I had one. I walked back inside and felt a little wetness so I went to the restroom. I was hit with the urge to go number two and list my mucus plug. This was about 8:00. I excitedly told Caleb I lost my plug and we joked that maybe this baby would come by tomorrow. I later down and had a few more slightly painful contractions so I decided to call my parents and tell them to be on standby for delivery. They were in no rush because with my last I labored 20 hours before having a csection.

I had Caleb give Cormac a bath and get him ready for bed because my contractions were getting closer and stronger. I took a super quick bath and then started freaking out because my contractions started getting so close and strong. Caleb packed the car and I really started feeling stressed. We left Cormac with my Aunt and rushed to the hospital.

I didn't think we would make it to the hospital because I was feeling pressure. I told Caleb while we were driving that I wanted an epidural as soon as we got there, even though my plan was to labor drug free. This should have been my first clue as to how far I was! Self doubt was strong!!

9:00pm: The ob receiving nurse was ssssoooo slow taking my weight/questions/blood pressure etc. I kept stressing to her that I felt pressure during contractions to try to move her along quicker. She hooked me up to the monitors and i told her i needed an epidural! I was moaning during contractions at this point and was very uncomfortable having to lay in a bed. The doctor finally came to check my cervix and I once again expressed to her I wanted an epidural.   I was 7cm when the on call doctor checked and she said I'm probably not getting an epidural. I almost lost it but Caleb was there to reassure me that I could do it and that's what I wanted anyways. I was overwhelmingly scared because my contractions were really intense at this point. I would calm down and be like yea I did want a drug free delivery between contractions. But the crazy would return with each hard contraction!! Haha

9:30: I was rolled to a delivery room as soon as I was checked. I got my iv and a nurse took bloodwork. She assured me she would try and get the blood work in as fast as she could so I could possibly get that epidural. Transition went quickly. Within about 30 minutes I had a strong urge to push. I still had a "lip", which the nurse said she could try and get the babies head over if I really wanted to push.. Which I did. The nurse set up the bed and got the foot pedals and handle bars out and I began pushing a little after 10pm. I pushed for several contractions before I was able to figure out how to get a good push. I was never able to really figure out how to push without straining in my face ( I will have to work on this more for next time).  The nurse was great, she stretched me every time I pushed. After a while she told me she saw hair, so we got the mirror out so I could watch. At this point I had some real motivation during pushes because I could see the progress. I was amazing and surprisingly was not painful like I thought it would be. I could feel pressure against my c section scar, which scared me. The nurse did not seem worried when i kept telling her i could feel pressure on my scar though. A few more pushes and it was time to call a doctor in! I got the senior resident, which did a great job. I remember starting to feel a little burning as baby started to crown. When she started really coming out, I felt like I was tearing up toward my urethral (which I did a little) and then she was out at 11:10 pm! I got skin to skin immediately with her and breast fed for the first time within about 5 minutes.

The doctor started trying to get the placenta to deliver... Which was really unpleasant. She pressed on my belly for about 30 minutes before I was able to push it out. I had a second degree tear and a urethral tear that the doctor sewed up after that. I did not feel the perineal tear happen.

I got up and went to the bathroom about a hour later. Recovery has been much easier with a vaginal delivery so far. Right now (2 days ppd)  I just feel really bruised. I have not needed any medication other than ibuprofen for slight after cramping and general achy-ness.

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