Thursday, January 19, 2012

January ICAN meeting and more

Tonight, our local group met to watch the new The VBAC Dilemma: What Your Options Really Are by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein. It was very informative. If you are planning a VBAC, I highly recommend it.

Of course, we also discussed our past birth experiences and our experiences with local care providers. Our group is growing and it is awesome to meet and connect with woman who have been where we have.

Okay, here is a post from the national ICAN blog site.It is a list of some great birth blogs to read and enjoy.

Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Blogs We Love–Mama Bloggers
16 January 2012, 6:00 am
Today we’re sharing 5 “mama” blogs we love. Check them out if you haven’t already!
1. Birth Without Fear–A cesarean, VBA2C and UBA2C (unassisted birth after 2 cesareans) mom, January’s blog provides a wealth of information on birth and VBAC, along with many amazing and beautiful birth stories we think you’ll love reading. She also maintains a large and very active Facebook community you might be interested in checking out as well.
2. Birthing Beautiful Ideas–A doula and VBAC mom (expecting her second VBAC babe any day now!), Kristen blogs about a variety of topics from birth to breastfeeding to her work as a doula and more!
3. The Feminist Breeder–Gina’s blog is informative, funny and an all around great read! A cesarean, VBAC and HBAC mom, Gina is passionate about birthing rights and options, and the right of a woman to make informed choices in her pregnancy, delivery and beyond. Gina is also a doula and childbirth educator.
4. Baby Dickey–Currently pregnant and planning an HBAC some time next month, Emily has a wonderful and active site, and is very actively chronicling her pregnancy and journey to HBAC.
5. Mama Birth–A Bradley Method instructor and mother of four, Mama Birth’s blog has lots of birth stories, advice for prepping for a natural child birth and various other features we think you’ll love!

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