Sunday, March 8, 2009

Homebirth in Mississippi

The good news is that homebirth midwifery is legal in Mississippi and there were 108 homebirths in MS that were reported in 2007. Contact me at if you would like info on homebirth and midwifes in MS.


Susana said...

I suppose all of those births went without a hitch? Any other stats for them?

ICANofJacksonMS said...

Those are the homebirths listed on the birth certificates in 2007.
68 were white and 40 were nonwhite.

68 White Homebirths- 1 was delivered by physician, 2 by CNM, 34 by granny midwife, 31 by other named person

40 Non white Homebirths - 4 by physician and 36 by other named person

There were 18 births labeled as Other place but those babies were delivered by physician, granny midwife and other named person

I do know that 99% of the world is born at home currently, how did the USA regress so much in the last 60 years? $$$ You think the economy would be doing well with all that money that birth costs :)