Saturday, February 14, 2009

Juice Plus Vitamins- Reducing Preeclampsia and Cesarean Section

A retrospective chart review was performed on 356 pregnancies at delivery at the University of Mississippi, USA. Half of the expectant mothers had chosen to add Juice Plus+® to their prenatal diet, including prenatal vitamins. A comparison was made of recorded obstetric complications made by medical staff at the time of delivery. The women who added Juice Plus+® had fewer documented complications, including fewer cesarean deliveries, no delivery before 37 weeks gestation and no diagnosis of preeclampsia. These findings suggest addition of Juice Plus+® to standard prenatal care may be beneficial. A prospective randomized, double blind, placebo controlled investigation is currently underway to confirm these observations. (Odom et al. "Phytonutrients May Decrease Obstetric Complications: A Retrospective Study." Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association, Vol. 9, No. 1, 2006).

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Joe Cannon, MS, CSCS said...

I have been writing about dietary supplements for over a decade and am the author or Nutritional Supplements What Works and Why. I first heard of the research on Juice Plus + reducing preeclampsia from a talk Dr. Odem gave a few years ago. I have also read the other studies on the product where it appears to help reduce markers of heart disease (homocystine) and free radical damage following exercise. I use Juice Plus myself and reviewed it in my book as well
Joe Cannon, MS, CSCS