Monday, November 24, 2008

Free Legal help for a VBAC

An attorney interested in working on VBAC ban lawsuits is considering using MS as a test state. Do you have any VBAC ban affected women up your sleeve right now? The criteria for the WA lawyer is:

-currently pregnant
-no complications in current pregnancy
-no VBAC options around including homebirth either because homebirth VBAC isn't allowed in your area or because the individual woman finds homebirth not to be an option for her
-no involvement in social services (child custody, neglect charges, etc.)

I'm a lawyer with the Northwest Women's Law Center in Seattle. I'm investigating possible legal responses to bans on vaginal birth after cesarean at hospitals in the northwest states - Alaska, Idaho, Montana,
Washington and Oregon. If you are currently pregnant and want to have a VBAC, but are facing a hospital policy that would require you to have a c-section regardless of whether you want it and whether it is medically necessary, and are willing to consider working with a lawyer on this, we'd like to talk with you. Please email us at Our services will be provided free of charge.
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